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News from '09-'10

News from ´06-´08

  17. desember 2014

Puppies are born out of "Practical Hero Hidden Mermaid" & "Practical Hero Incredible Charm"
Puppies are 2 week now

See pictures here:

Pedigree (ættbók)
  Shipping puppies included in the price
to many cities  in europe
and few in usa

  7. des. 2014

Miami US

Great news from US, my wonderful little boy Jaguar (Practical Hero Jaguar In Sute) Is now a new Amcerican Champion!!!!

Huge congrats to the owners!!! And thanks, Beatriz,  for such a great job and handling!!


  Iceland 8. november 2014
international show in Reykjavik

Judge: Gunther Ehrenreich (Austria)

Model Roingold: CAC, CACIB & BOS!!
and his daughter:
Practical Hero Quirky Queen: BOB in puppy class!!
Practical Hero Kiss No Frog: Exc. 2


  Japan 4. october 2014
FCI Saitama international show

"Practical Hero Oblivion"
won BOB puppy!!

Big congrats to her owner: Maiko Litake in kennel Kilara Dream!!!!


Finland: 30. august ,2014
Tervakoski international show

Judge: Frode Jevne (Norway)

"Practical Hero Organized" BOB puppy with HP again!!! And the other girl:
"Practical Hero Mystic Girl" : JUC, EXC!!

Huge congrats to the owners, Aila Lyytkainen and family!!!


Ulvila group show, 16. august

  "Practical Hero Organized" BOB puppy & HP!!!

Raisio National show, 17 august

"Practical Hero Organized" BOB puppy & HP

"Practical Hero Mystic Girl" did wonderful at this show: JUC3, EXC and CQ

Huge congrats to the owners, Aila Lyytkainen and family!!!

12-13. july 2014
West Palm Beach US

Great news from US, my wonderful little boy Jaguar (Practical Hero Jaguar In Sute) Did so great this weekend, he started with winning WD (winners dogs), BOW (best of winners) and ended with BOB (best of breed) over all specials!!!

This boy has now already got 2 majors and 10 points, he will only need 5 more points to finnish his champion titel in US!!!

Huge congrats to the owners!!! And thanks for such a great job and handling!!

26.mai - 10. june 2014

What a wonderful time I had in Japan!
Huge thanks to Maiko Iitake for the time we had together and for driving me around to show me you beautiful country!!!
And best wishes to Maiko with her two new puppies: Practical Hero
OverAll & Practical Hero Oblivion!!!

  17.mai & 18. mai 2014

Show in Joensuu Finland:

Practical Hero Mystic Girl won both days BOB puppy with honor price!!!

Huge congrats to the owners, Aila Lyytkainen and family!!!

  17. mai 2014

Puppies are born!! Out of "Tjasa and
Noi" 4 boys and 1 girl, they are 5 weeks now!!


27. marz 2014

What a great time with Anna Rychlewska in Poland!!! Many thanks for this wonderful time we had together Anna!!!
Anna will now be co/owner of "Practical Hero Lonely In The Castle" (Prince)!!!

Best wishes to my beautiful boy!! I have great hopes that he will do good in the ring with Anna!!

  23. februar 2014

International show in Reykjavik

"Practical Hero Just Joking" won with BOB and CAC (to young for CACIB) and then she got BIG2!!!! Im so proud of her she is such a wonderful girl!! Judge said:,,Very nice mover with style"!!!
Big congrats to her owners: Kiddý and Harpa!!!

  25. januar 2014
Puppy-Show in Reykjavik

Practical Hero Lonely In The Castle
was in his first show today and won BoB in puppy-class 6-9 months!!!


3. januar 2014

Show in FL, US
Great news from FL, my wonderful little boy Jaguar (Practical Hero Jaguar In Sute) went winners dogs friday for 3p major, and went winners dogs and best of winners saturday!!!
Huge congrats to the owners!!! And thanks for such a great job and handling!!!


8. desember, 2013

Show in FL, US,

What a day!! Little Jaguar (Practical Hero Jaguar In Sute) went BOB from puppy class over specials. Best puppy, G1 in puppy group and finishing the day he got G2 over really nice dogs!!!

Huge congrats to his owners, Beatriz & Erik De Miguel and Sandra Francis!!

  8. october, 2013

Welcome to my new boy, "Model Roingold"
Huge thanks to Ewa in the kennel Roingold!!! Such a sweet and beautiful boy!
See some pictures here:


7. sept. "International Show" in Reykjavik!!

What a great show day!!

Practical Hero Nicole Kidman: BOB, CACIB, CAC!!!!
Practical Hero Exotic Fire: Exc. BF-2
Practical Hero Incredible Charm: Exc.1, CK
Practical Hero Just Joking: BOB in puppy class 6-9 months
Practical Hero Kiss No Frog: BOB in puppy
class 4-6 months
Huge congrats to Kiddý and Sunneva, owners of "Nikar" who won BOS!!!
And huge congrats to Kiddý and Harpa owners of  puppy Joky!!!


  US, Orlando
24. juny, 2013

Welcome to my new boy from Miami, from the kennel "Cristall", thank you so much, Sandra Francis, for this sweet little boy!!! And thank you Beatriz for your caring for him!! And  thank you guys  for the wonderful time in Orlando!!!
See pictures here:


  25. mai, 2013
Reykjavik Show!!!
Judge: Bo Skalin
from Sweden

My wonderful girl "Forbidden Design" (Grýla) won CAC, BOB and RW-13!!!

 My girl "Exotic Fire" (Dúlla) was 2. best bitch with excellent and R-CAC!!!

And my little boy "Junior Bond"
won BOB in puppy class!!!

Thanks very much to the handlers, to my best friends Kiddý (Dare To Be) and Harpa!!


6. april  2013
Best wishes to my little boy, Jaguar, and his new owners,  Sandra Francis and Beatriz De Miguel, who lives in Florida, USA

Best wishes to my little girl, Virgin, and her new owner Szabó Tunde, who lives in

And best wishes to my dear friend, Kiddý, in Dare To Be, and her new girl Joky!!!

4. march 2013

Puppies 9,5  weeks here:

24. february 2013

International show in Reykjavik

My wonderful girl "Kleina" won CAC, BOB and CACIB in the show!!
My sweet boy "Krapi" won BOB puppy, and
my cutest boy
oi" got excellent :)


  17. november, 2012

My wonderful girl "Victorious A Serious Practical Hero" (Kleina) won BOS and her first CAC at her first show today!!!

Big congrats to Sunneva at Crsternal to her wonderful boy:

"Cresternal Always Call Me Myrkvi" won BOB and BIG-4

Dog collars here:

Beautiful outfit to dogs:


23. august, 2012

Welcome to my new boy, M-Ligans Ignazi (Krapi)
More pictures and pedigree:

Krapi will join us in desember:)) He is out of "Practical Hero Coconut Captain" Such a wonderful true hairless boy with super temperament! Thanks so much to Caroline Gustavsson for this sweet little boy!!


  17. juni, 2012
Lillehammer, Norway

M-Ligans Hades won BOB in puppy class (4-6m) and BIG-4
Judge: Frode Jevne from Norway

See here what the judge said about my wonderful boy!!


  6. mai 2012
Lidköping, Sweden

"Practical Hero HomeMade Bride" won BOB in puppy class (6-9m)!!!

Judge: Di Lorenzo Antonio from Norway!!!

Huge congrats to her owners,
Caroline  in M-Ligans!!


18. march 2012

Welcome to my new boy, M-Ligans Hades (Glói)

See pictures here:

Huge thanks to Caroline Gustavsson for this wonderful boy!!!

Practical Hero Coconut Captain    (part II)



19. november 2011
International show in Reykjavik

 Practical Hero Almost Invincible (Gyðja): BOB, & CACIB.
she now has a new title to her name: INTCH

Huge congrats to my co/owner and handler: Kristjana M. Svansdottir in the kennel, daretobe, two of her puppies did also so great at the show, huge congrats Kiddý!!


  14. november. 2011
Another boy has joined us, from my friend, Kiddý in "Dare To Be" thank you so much Kiddý, Im so happy to have this little sweety:)


  International show in Reykjavik
27. august, 2011
Judge: Kornelija Butrimova

Open Class:
Practical Hero Butterfly Bride: BOB, CAC, CACIB, huge congrats to my co/owner: Sigga in "Victorious"!!
Zhen´s Victorious Viking In Iceland: BOS, CAC, CACIB, huge congrats to his owners: SIgga, Kiddý and Sunneva!!!

Puppy Class:
Practical Hero Forbidden Designe: BOB puppy
Practical Hero Exotic Fire: 2. Best puppy

   Dog Show in Estonia:

16. & 17. july 2011

Practical Hero Furious In Jammings BOB puppy, both days!!!!!
Huge congrats to Lella og Samu!!!



11. july 2011

Practical Hero Coconut Captain, has now moved to Sweden, where he will now live, we will miss him a lot!!!

Shows results from him:



5. juni 2011


Judge: Annette Bystrup from Denmark

Practical Hero NicoleKidman: BOB,CAC Practical Hero Exotic Fire: BOS puppy, Practical Hero Epic Eclibse: BOB puppy, BIS-3 puppy, Huge congrats to the owner in the kennel "Victorious"










17. april 2011

Toy-Dog show in Reykjavik

Judge: Arne Foss from Norway

Toy-dog show in Reykjavik. Practical Hero Jennifer Aniston got her first BOB and CAC in junior class!!! Judge Arne Foss from Norway. Huge congrats to the owner, Kristjana M. Svansdottir (DareToBe)














 27. februar 2011

International show in Reykjavik

What a great day!! Practical Hero Almost Invincible (Gydja) got CACIB, Practical Hero Coconut Captain (Töfri) got his first CACIB and my little girl Practical Hero Nicole Kidman was in her first show and got BOB in puppy class!!!






























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